Planning> Formatting Features

Sagefy uses a restricted set of Markdown features. We also add strikethrough, code fences, iframes, and tables.

No inline HTML. Auto escape inline characters.

Paragraphs have at least one blank line between them (GFM).

Emphasis: one set of _ for italic, ** double bullets for bold.

Strikethrough using ~~ double tilde characters (GFM).

Monospace using the tick ` character.

Horizonal rule: Use --- surrounded by blank lines.

Only three heading levels. In some cases, the h1 tag is already used, so these headings will be all be down 1 level.

Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

Unordered lists use -, ordered lists use 1.. Hanging indent or wrap are both allowed. Supports nesting.

Links use the Markdown reference style of [name][ref], and then below [ref]:

Images similarly use ![name][ref] then [ref]:

Footnotes: Use [^ref] inline, and at the bottom use [^ref]: Some text..

Embedded iframes use i[name][ref] then [ref]:

Preformatted block (code fence): Always use three ticks (GFM).

Blockquote with >. Can be nested.

Tables: Use | to split columns, and - to split header row.

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