Card Kinds

This documents kinds of cards that may appear in the Sagefy system.

Anywhere that lists “Markdown” as available may embed images, math, video, audio, interactive…

Unscored Card Kinds

Unscored cards do not have require a learner response.

Video Card

An embedded video from a popular video hosting site.

Page Card

A textual-based document.

Audio Card

An embedded audio from a popular audio hosting site.

Slideshow Card

An embedded slideshow from a popular slideshow hosting site.

Unscored Embed Card

An embedded unscored learning object.

Scored Card Kinds

Scored cards require a response from the learner and are graded immediately and automatically.

Choice Card

A choice card, also known as multiple choice or multiple answer, is as expected. It also can represent a true or false type of question.

Number Card

The learner responds with a specific number.

Formula Card

Same as the number card, but allows for variables to be present. TODO combine with number?

Match Card

The learner responds with text, and it is checked against text or pattern. This card can represent fill-in-the-blank and short answer types of questions.

Scored Embed Card


Peer-Scored Card Kinds

Peer-scored cards require a response from the learner, but are graded by other learners according to the rubric. Learners are notified of their score after receiving sufficient reviews.

Writing Card

A writing card prompts the learner to write something. Similar in concept to a match card, but it cannot be automatically graded and must be peer reviewed.

Record Audio Card


Record Video Card


Peer-Scored File Card

An upload card prompts the learner to upload something to be peer reviewed.

Peer-Scored Embed Card